The girl in the leotard

He sat in his truck parked across the street, smoking a cigarette as he waited. She would be out anytime. He seated upright.

There she was, walking out of her ballet studio in a black leotard and skirt, her blonde hair tied up neatly into a bun. He admired the way she smiled as she waved goodbye to her friend, and the way she skipped gracefully down the pavement.

It was three in the afternoon and she was heading home after her ballet class. He knew that she had class every Wednesdays. He knew she would take the bus from opposite the studio and alight exactly five stops away. He knew where she stayed. He knew her name was Rachel. He guessed she was about 15 or 16.

For the past two months, he had been following her. Today would be the day. He would tell her how much he missed her. He would tell her he was sorry, sorry for the day he ended up in jail and left her without a father.

She was only five then.



Write a short-short story (one to a few paragraphs) from back to front. Begin with the ending, and work your way forward. Discover the story by skipping the start, and allowing the ending to uncover your opening. This can be a great way to overcome writer’s block. 

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