Nineteen all over again

“Do you remember our first date?” I asked.

“Of course. Our indoor picnic!” he replied.

“Yeah it was pouring so heavily.”

He laughed. “You were so disappointed because we had to eat our picnic lunch at the basement of a mall.”

“And we ended up jumping in puddles and splashing each other.”

He smiled at the memory, then turned to me and asked, “Do you remember the day we found the secret beach house?”

“Yup. That was your idea. Take the train and drop off at a random station we’ve never been before.”

“It was quite an adventure wasn’t it? You were so afraid of being caught.”

“We could have!” I said, as I recalled how we climbed in through the window. “I wonder if our names are still on the wall.”

“Probably, if the house is still there. May be gone after all these years.”

“I miss being young.” I said. Age, career, family and other responsibilities had caught up to us. Now we were in our 60s. Life had slowed down to a comfortable routine.

“Come on.” he said. “Let’s go.”

“Where are we going?”


“Where?” I asked again.

He smiled and said, “Wherever the wind takes us!”

I followed as we got our bags and he led me out the door, towards the train station. As the train took us further and further away, we watched the world go by below us, with no destination in mind. He held my hand, I looked into his eyes and saw the reflection of us. We were nineteen all over again.



They say dialogue is everything, but one of the most challenging things to get right.  Write a conversation between two people, real or imaginary, past, present, or future, and read it aloud.  If it doesn’t sound real, rewrite it until it does.  Hear it, don’t read it…

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