I Want

I want to love,
and be loved.
I want a love that lasts.
I want to give,
not just receive.
I want to be a better lover, daughter,
sister, friend.

I want to see the world
in all it’s naked glory.
I want to swim in crystal waters
of endless seas.
I want to run in fields of flowers,
and explore faraway lands.
I want to see it all.

I want to live a life that is mine.
Not his, or hers, or theirs.
But mine.
I want to be free to express
every part of myself to its truest,
and still love who I am.

I want to have faith,
a faith of things not seen,
a faith that can move mountains,
and at the end of time,
when the earth collapses into space,
and all life cease to exist,
and all humanity turn into dust,
to still have faith.

Write a poem where each stanza begins with the words “I Want” and in which you share your deepest longings, the things you are afraid to want out loud. Remember, show vs. tell. Use the senses. Paint vivid pictures with words. You’d be surprised to find your best kept secrets are almost everybody’s longings.


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