Lost Stars

Born into darkness, we grew up flickering our way into existence, desperately seeking attention, hoping to be noticed. Our light, it is the only thing we have to offer. After all, what are stars for if they are not seen?

The truth is, we don’t know if there is anyone out there, on earth, or the other planets. But we can only hope someone is looking out for us, just as we are looking out for them. And when they see us, they will admire our beauty, and it will be worth it. That is why tonight, we shine as bright as we can. It is a call for help, an S.O.S in the constellations, for someone to see us, and save us.
On earth, an astronomer looks into a telescope.
“What do you see?”
“The stars. I think they are calling for us”


One thought on “Lost Stars

  1. We are all, looking, and longing for that certain someone we feel a connection with, but, if we keep looking outside of our selves, to find what makes us whole, we will never truly, be “complete”, that feeling of wholeness can only come from the inside, and so, before we look elsewhere for that certain someone, we must, make ourselves into full circles!


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