There must be more than this,
for a life of striving
cannot bring happiness,
for two broken people do not
make a whole,
and if the end goal
is to be happy,
why is it only
There must be more than this.

4 thoughts on “Momentary

  1. in order to find a good love that’s just yours, you need to be “whole” first, before you can be a “part” of someone else, same for the person you love, s/he needs to be “whole” first too, because two halves just don’t really make a “whole”, two halves are just two halves, that seemingly fitted together at a moment, but it won’t work for long…

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    1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts 🙂 I agree. That you cannot expect to be whole or complete in another person, and that you must first find it in yourself. But I guess the question is, can one really be “whole”?

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      1. Yes, but, in order to be the whole you, you need to figure out everything about you, and leave behind everything you know about your self, just keep your mind wide open, and fearlessly, take whatever comes your way!

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  2. Ah yes. I get what you mean. Was confused at first when you said whole as I don’t think a person can be whole. No one is perfect after all 🙂 But indeed we can strive to be the best you we can be!


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