“We are beautiful things, wild things, searching for the brilliance within us.”
– R.M. Drake


Hello! My name is Serene. I started my love affair with poetry in 2016 when I took the plunge into a creative writing course and finally decided to take my passion for writing seriously. This blog was birthed in the process, and in it, are words that are a part of me as much as they are of everyone who has ever loved, lost and believed.

Poetry has helped me to make sense of the beautiful complexities of the world around me, and more than that, to discover what it means to be human. In writing, I hope to inspire others to feel. Because often times we don’t. But it’s ok to be broken. We all are. And it is in this brokenness, we can find hope that stirs the soul to be stronger.

I hope you will join me in this journey of self-discovery in finding out what it means to live boldly, love deeply, and dream fearlessly.

©All words are mine, pictures are not.

P.S. Serene also shares snippets of her writing and poetry on Instagram @infinitewordsonpaper

To get in touch, drop her a mail at serene.qw@gmail.com.





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